The Telegram application, the messaging service with very interesting functions, is updated by adding new features. One of the complete apps, and which receives more news in its update, adds a feature called Photo Albums.

Now, we can add an album with different photographs to our profile, so that other users can see them. As well as send albums to our conversations. We show you how to do it next.

First, you must have the new version of Telegram, specifically is 4.5, where in addition to the albums, other improvements are added. You can update the application through the Google Play Store, or by downloading the latest APK available on the APK Mirror platform. Once updated, we can start making albums.

To publish an album on your profile you just have to go to ‘Settings’ and click on the camera icon. Then, you must add the images you want one by one, so that when a person clicks on your profile, it appears as a kind of album.

organize the photos of your Telegram

Another feature is to be able to send albums to your contacts. To do this, we will have to go to the chat and click on the button to attach images. Once inside the album, we select the images that we want. E n a lower central bar, you will see a small icon which will allow us to send the photos as an album, or separate.

If that icon has a blue color, it will be sent as an album. If it is white, it means that the album option is disabled. Once the preference is chosen, all will be sent in the same conversation. We must emphasize that Telegram only allows us to send albums of 10 photographs.

If we send more than the indicated number, they will split into two conversations. Of course, we can order the photographs in order of preference. And so they will be sent to the conversation.

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Saved messages and more news in the new version of Telegram


Although the most interesting feature is that of the albums, the update also comes with other news. One of them is Saved Messages. With this option, we can forward conversations and they will be stored in the cloud.

We can also save files such as images, videos, etc. We can access this feature from any device. Of course, the utility of the Saved Messages is to have everything a little more orderly.

On the other hand, the Telegram search improves. Now look for faster and more things. Understand better and show what is related to that word. On the other hand, it is already possible to anchor messages in individual chats.

Previously, they could only be done in groups. Although in this type of chats, the feature worked perfectly, we were waiting for Telegram to incorporate it into individual chats.

There is no doubt that a new update of the messaging application is always good news. We will see that we are surprised by the service later on. For the moment, it continues to outperform WhatsApp in terms of functions and features.

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